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Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee provides an introduction to every nook of the coffee world, from growing to roasting to drinking. In addition to thorough tutorials from founder James Freeman, the book includes more than 30 inventive recipes from the company's founding pastry chef, Caitlin Freeman. Because what is coffee without its lovable counterpart, the pastry?

With this guidebook, you will find yourself brewing coffee at home like a barista and enjoying it with a side of something delicious.

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Design Story

An Amalgamation of Knowledge

On Brewing

Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman put his years of experience, trial and error, and discoveries into this book to showcase the beauty of different brew methods and more.

On Pastries

Caitlin Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee’s founding pastry chef, dissects her original recipes for you and guides you through making them at home.

On Growing

After expanding our global reach and working with coffee farmers, growers, and producers from around the world, Blue Bottle Coffee has gathered insights into many different coffee growing and processing methods.

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