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Blue Bottle Coffee x Kinto — Cafe Cup & Cookie Plate

Once again, we teamed up with our favorite drinkware craftspeople at Kinto in Japan to add a little extra room in your morning coffee routine for a delightful treat. Our luminous Kinto Cafe Cup is now paired with a maple wood saucer giving you enough room for your favorite coffee-accompanying cookie. Plus, the wide-mouthed cup is perfect for dunking. Yes, we thought of everything.

A morning coffee and biscotti or an afternoon tea and shortbread—either way, it’s always good to make space for joy in your life.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

coffee being poured into kinto cup

Design Story

A Match Made In Heaven

Coffee and cookies, cookies and coffee. One doesn’t feel quite right without the other. Now you can intentionally pair your coffee with a cookie or sweet treat of choice using our Cafe Cup & Cookie Plate, made in collaboration with Kinto.

Cafe Cup & Cookie Plate Icon
Set includes one maple saucer and one
350 ml cup Cup is microwavable, saucer is not Hand wash
Cafe Cup & Cookie Plate on a counter.