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Blue Bottle x Cavern New York Origin Candle

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Cavern New York, we created our first-ever candle for a new way to engage the world of coffee with your senses. Set a calming mood this holiday season with an aroma that captures the feeling of meandering through a lush coffee farm at daybreak—hints of coffee blossom, dewy leaves, and fresh moss delivering you to the highlands of Guatemala or the mountains of Colombia.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

Engaging the Senses

A Collaboration

We entrusted Derek Heydle, founder of Cavern New York, to distill the essence of the coffee world into a scent that can be shared this holiday season. His intimate past with coffee as a former Blue Bottle barista only enriched the journey.

A Seamless Gift

This layered fragrance captures a precious moment in the coffee bean’s journey from seed to cup. With minimal trappings, this votive can be gifted and added to any setting to seamlessly set the mood.

Morning to Night

While this candle stands alone to create a fresh, vivifying ambience, we also recommend burning it while enjoying your morning coffee to create an experience that speaks to all your senses.

blue bottle coffee origins holiday candle
blue bottle coffee origins holiday candle