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Baratza Encore Grinder

Accurate grind size is key to brewing cafe-quality coffee. That’s why we rely on this exact Baratza Encore model in our headquarters. Think of this entry-level conical burr grinder as the ideal marriage of affordability and superior function.

Precisely grinds for all brew methods, from espresso to French press. Unfussy (good for sleepy mornings). And crucially: makes great-tasting coffee. You’re in for a treat. A dial-it-in-and-press-one-button kind of treat.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Baratza Encore Grinder with Coffee Beans

Design Story

Perfectly Ground, Minimal Effort

Ideal Extraction

Say goodbye to bitter or sour coffee from choppy blade grinders. 40 mm conical burrs deliver flavorful, balanced extraction for every cup.

Precise Grind

Solo pour over morning? French press brunch? Chemex weekend? Select one of forty micro-adjustments for the ideal grind size for an array of brew methods, medium to coarse.

Efficient and Quiet

The efficient motor of the Encore keeps beans cool, even during extended grind times. Speed reducers slow the burr for a smooth grind process, plus reduced noise, heat, and static.

Baratza Encore Grinder in Black on Counter