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Baratza Encore ESP Grinder

We rely on a Baratza Encore Grinder in our headquarters for the accurate grind size that’s key to cafe-quality coffee. With the Baratza Encore ESP model, you get the same precision, now perfectly calibrated for espresso. The high-resolution grind range makes it easy to enjoy rich, creamy shots of espresso while also meeting your other grinding needs with ease, from filter coffee to cold brew.

Think of this entry-level conical burr grinder as the ideal marriage of affordability and superior function, down to the included dosing cup. You’re in for a treat. A dial-it-in-and-press-one-button kind of treat.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

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Bag of espresso, cup of beans and coffee card.
Baratza Encore Espresso Grinder

Design Story

Perfectly Ground, Minimal Effort

Ideal Extraction

Say goodbye to bitter or sour flavors from choppy blade grinders. The 40 mm steel conical burrs deliver flavorful, balanced extraction for every cup.

Dial in the Perfect Grind

Adjust the grind size with just a turn of the hopper. Use settings 1–20 to adjust burr spacing in micro-increments for espresso. Settings 21–40 let you adjust in larger increments for a range of other brew methods.

Thoughtful Details

The hopper, bin, and dosing cup are made of antistatic plastic, and cleaning is simple with the quick-release burr.