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Balmuda Kettle

Our most effortless and lightweight electric kettle yet. With design based on ergonomic research, this electric kettle offers a pour that’s smooth, seamless, and precise. The graceful swan neck allows you to control the speed and exact position of your pour.

While your water heats, you’re accompanied by a gentle glow from a light on the handle: soft morning ambiance. With enough volume for two modestly-sized cups, the Balmuda Kettle is perfect for peaceful mornings alone or comforting mornings with a loved one.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Balmuda Kettle being used to prepare a chemex.

Design Story

A Light Touch

Just the right size for your kitchen’s coffee area. Lightweight. Holds the perfect amount of water to make about three cups of coffee.

Delightful to Pour

Ergonomically designed handle for an excellent-feeling and precise pouring experience. Feel confidence and ease in your pour over spirals.

Morning Ambience

The most delicate power light you’ll ever find gives early mornings a cozy feel. Look for the soft glow of the small neon tube in the handle.