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We like to think of this full-immersion style coffee maker as a cousin to the beloved French press—same motion, different result. With finely ground coffee, a much shorter brew time, and a pressurized plunger, the AeroPress extracts every drop of flavor—like a cold-pressed juice—yielding a cup more similar to a shot of espresso.

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An aeropress being prepared.

Design Story

Refined By Pressure

Durable and Travel Friendly

The AeroPress is our favorite for travel brewing. It’s made from food-grade polyurethane rubber, meaning it’s safe for high temperatures and it’s incredibly difficult to crack or break it.

Gravity Not Required

It uses a high-pressure plunge to extract more flavor. The pressurized component makes this one of the only brew methods that doesn’t require gravity—hello, space coffee.

Locally Designed

Because it was conceived just 38.5 miles from our original Oakland roastery by Aerobie, we'd like to humbly assert that the AeroPress is our first locally-produced piece of merchandise.

Coffee being poured into a mug.