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Acaia Pearl Scale

The digital scale for intentional at-home coffee brewers who love minimalist design. Get your at-home pour over, French press, even espresso tasting *chef’s kiss* by inviting accuracy into your morning ritual. . . without sacrificing ease.

Monitor weight and time during your brew for optimal deliciousness. Easily sync with your phone using Bluetooth. Recharge with USB-C for maximum convenience. Capacity: up to 3 kg. The ultimate elegance-upgrade for your kitchen’s coffee corner. Model # AP007

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Acaia scale being used to weigh an oji.

Design Story

More Elegance, More Ease

Real-time Flow Rate

Get accurate visual real-time readings as you pour, so you can improve your brewing technique over time—while ensuring the tastiest cup, every time.

Easy Readability

7 am pour overs in your kitchen? French press on the porch at noon? Adjustable light display means easy reading indoors, any time of day. Enhanced brightness means better outdoor visibility, too.

Flexible Modes

Select from five modes. Keep it simple with weight and time readings, or explore advanced options, from Pour Over Auto-Start to Portafilter mode.

Pour over being prepared using the acaia scale.