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Introducing Craft Instant Espresso. All the flavor. None of the fuss.

    We're definitely a little obsessive

    Our Guarantee: Cafe-Quality Taste

    blue bottle coffee pin


    At Blue Bottle, we’re serious (maybe to a fault) about the quality of our coffee, which is why it took us three years of obsession and innovation to launch instant.

    instant multiserve


    From a superior bean to a custom roasting technique to a very slowed down freeze drying process, nobody has done instant like this (really, nobody).

    blue bottle claska mug


    We brought it to Japan first where customers loved our instant so much we dedicated entire pop-up experiences to it.

    blue bottle iced latte


    We love our instant for hot espresso drinks—but it really takes iced lattes to the next level. That’s because the shock effect of ice on espresso actually changes its taste.

    iced latte from instant coffee

    Finally, cafe quality espresso drinks at home.

    person drinking an instant iced latte

    No pricey machines and mess. Now all you need is this spoon.

    We love espresso machines—and truly admire dedicated home baristas. But we couldn’t be more excited to offer an alternative for the home that brings all of the flavor with none of the fuss.

    instant espresso jar in a backpack on the go

    Enjoy cafe-quality espresso drinks anywhere.

    Whether escaping to a cabin for the weekend or visiting your in-laws, you can now have your favorite espresso drinks absolutely anywhere you go.

    a group of friends enjoying instant coffee

    This holiday, delight your friends— without the wait.

    Anyone who’s had an espresso machine knows just how impractical it can be for a group. Hosting a brunch and offering espresso drinks at your holiday dinners just got a whole lot easier.

    instant coffee on a spoon

    Three years in the making. Now yours in an instant.