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The Blue Bottle Year in Coffee 2019
Our four 2019 seasonal blends, freshly roasted for reflection and renewal


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About This Item
Celebrate everything that was delicious about 2019 with this look back on our four limited-edition seasonal blends. Each coffee in the collector’s set is freshly roasted for a season of reflection and renewal. Inspired by the colors of the seasons and the Coffee Taster’s Wheel by the Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research, we designed each blend to mirror each turn in the year. Spring is gently floral with a Coffee from Brazil and a Rwandan Bourbon; Summer is sunny and bright with two East African coffees; Fall combines a Colombian and Ethiopian coffee in a celebration of the roast; and Winter all but glows with two coffees from coffee’s birthplace of Ethiopia.
Roasts and ships weekly on Tuesdays.
Four 6-ounce bags of whole-bean coffee:
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