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Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select
A premium batch brewer, now in polished silver


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About This Item
We love making cups of pour over coffee one at a time, but we know that’s not always practical. When we need to make coffee for a crowd, we turn to high-quality automatic batch brewers, like this one. Handmade using recyclable materials, this brewer from Netherlands-based Technivorm brews up 40 ounces of coffee in six minutes. A nine-hole spray arm soaks your grinds evenly to create perfect extraction while the copper heating element keeps your water at 200°F.

The machine’s selector switch lets you choose between brewing a half or full carafe, at just the right brewing speed and hot plate temperature for each size batch. (After 100 minutes, the hot plate will switch off for safety.)

Color: Polished silver
Not dishwasher-safe. Avoid abrasive sponges and detergents when cleaning the pitcher.
6.00 lbs
14" x 12.75" W x 6.5"
120 volts, 1475 watts
Brews 1.25 liters of coffee, or ten 4-ounce cups
Automatic shutoff at 100 minutes
Metal and Plastic (BPA/BPS/BPF- and phthalate-free)
European Coffee Brewing Centre- and Specialty Coffee Association-approved to meet and exceed Golden Cup Standards
The Moccamaster KBGV Select comes with 5 filters to get you started; purchase additional Moccamaster filters here
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