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Our Debut for the Season

Spring Blend

A New Way to Tell Time
Our Seasonal Blends capture the essence of each season. Inspired by springtime and using color as our guide, our debut blend, Spring, evokes the year’s new blossoms and the sunlit days to come.

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Our Debut for the Season
Spring Blend
Honey, toffee, chamomile
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Roasts and ships on Tuesday, May 28th

Roasts and ships on Tuesday, May 28th

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About This Coffee
Two coffees that are as different from one another as winter is from spring combine to create a blend that progresses from notes of wildflower honey and butter toffee to the bracing florality of fresh chamomile.

When imagining how to translate the essence of spring into a coffee, we considered all of the senses, taking inspiration from the season’s colors and tastes. Our quest was guided by one of the industry’s most insightful innovations: the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel,* a tool that links color and flavor and helps professionals to build a shared lexicon with coffee drinkers everywhere.

*©Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research
  • All of our blends (both the individual components and the blend itself) are tested weekly by our professional tasters to ensure quality and deliciousness.
  • For our whole bean coffee, 24 hours is the maximum time that could possibly pass between roasting our coffee in Oakland and shipping it to you. (It's usually even less.)
  • Cupping spoons and a practiced palate are the key instruments of our Quality Control team, who taste, evaluate, and refine our coffees every day.
  • Learn more about Perfectly Ground

Coffee Details


The historic producer Bushoki Washing Station is known for its refined coffees, and the Bourbon cultivar shines in the region’s fertile soil, creating delicate, aromatic coffees like no other place.


The esteemed Sancoffee Cooperative is one of Brazil’s foremost leaders in sustainable coffee production. Its peaberry coffee, culled from several cultivars, is as focused as it is sweet.

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