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Rwanda Rulindo Bushoki
Tangerine, black tea, tupelo honey
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Roasts and ships on Monday, May 1st

Roasts and ships on Monday, May 1st

About This Coffee

Timing, as they say, is everything. Charlie discovered this rich yet mellow coffee back in 2013, but couldn’t try it again until its grower, Bushoki Coffee Washing Station, became independent last year. Fortuitously, it was just as he’d remembered: crisp, sugary, and gilded with notes of apricot. Basking in its effortless balance of flavor, Charlie knew that this star-studded addition to our coffees from Rwanda would always be worth the wait.

The hills of the Rulindo district—blanketed with eucalyptus—turn a shimmering silver during the dry season. These same trees are a favorite snack of the gorilla troops that live a few hours to the northwest, but you’re more likely to enjoy the fruits of Bushoki’s Bourbon cultivar trees, which yield a coffee as creamy and bright as a cloudy September sky.

  • Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
  • Each bag of Rwanda Rulindo Bushoki whole beans, is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting, from our Oakland roastery.
  • A cupping spoon and a soapstone hippo are two things our Green Coffee Buyer, Charlie, takes with him when he's sourcing our coffees.
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