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Rwanda Rulindo Bushoki
Plum, hibiscus, caramel
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Roasts on Monday, May 17th

Roasts on Monday, May 17th

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About This Coffee
Coffee from Rwanda’s Bushoki Washing Station has been a Blue Bottle staple for several years. We love it for its consistent balance between gentle acidity, tropical fruit and stone fruit notes, and herbal complexity. This year’s offering is especially notable for its clarity and surprising brightness in the cup—think hints of plum and hibiscus, with a caramel-like body.

The road heading north from Kigali to the Bushoki Washing Station sits high, exposing an impressive landscape of bright green hills textured with farms as far as you can see. In these hills, the station takes advantage of the ample groundwater to perfect its own take on Kenya-style processing, whereby coffee cherries undergo a long post-ferment soak. The well-orchestrated operation transforms ripe Bourbon into coffee that exemplifies the region’s extraordinary potential.
Region: Rulindo
Processing: Washed
Cultivars: Bourbon
Elevation: 1,800 meters
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