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Porlex Mini Grinder II
A high-quality hand-crank grinder in a small package


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About This Item
The Porlex Mini Grinder II packs high-quality conical burrs in a tiny, portable package. Popular with travelers, campers, and single-cup at-home brewers, it lets you hand-grind small amounts of coffee with great precision even when you’re on the go. This recently updated model produces more ground coffee with less effort—1.3 more times with the same number of grinds as the first Porlex Mini Grinder, in fact. With an extra-sharp burr, the grinder also cranks more smoothly so it’s easier to use. Those who are fanatical about grind size will appreciate that you can finely calibrate it by 37 microns with each click.
Stainless steel body
Ceramic, conical burrs
Adjustable grind size
20-gram capacity
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