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No. 4 Paper Filters for Technivorm Moccamaster
High-quality paper filters


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About This Item
For the best tasting batch-brewed coffee, you’ll want the highest-quality filters, because they allow water to flow through at precisely the right rate.

To accompany the Technivorm Moccamaster, we recommend these premium paper filters because they are made in the Netherlands using Technivorm’s specifications. Bonded without any chemicals or glues, the filters are naturally whitened using an oxygen-based method, which is better for the environment than using bleach.
Cone No. 4 bleached paper filters
Bleached using oxygen method, not bleach
Each box contains 100
For use in all 1- and 1.25-liter Moccamaster Brewers
Made in the Netherlands
Filters work for Technivorm Moccamaster or other coffee pots using No. 4 cone filters
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