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New Orleans-style Iced Kit
Sweet, chicory-laden perfection in a glass
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About This Coffee
New Orleans-style Iced Coffee is a sweet, creamy, decadent iced coffee that’s cold-brewed with roasted chicory, then cut with whole milk and organic cane sugar.
We love our nostalgic NOLA cartons, but there is a certain charm in making your own. So, may we present to you the best thing since fourth-grade science class? Your own coffee kit. We provide the coffee, roasted chicory, and a recipe to get you started. You add the milk, sugar, ice, and a little bit of time.
  • All of our blends (both the individual components and the blend itself) are tested weekly by our professional tasters to ensure quality and deliciousness.
  • For our whole bean coffee, 24 hours is the maximum time that could possibly pass between roasting our coffee and shipping it to you. (It's usually even less.)
  • Cupping spoons and a practiced palate are the key instruments of our Quality Control team, who taste, evaluate, and refine our coffees every day.
  • Learn more about Perfectly Ground
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