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Kenya Kiambu Kirura
Nectarine, honey, herbaceous
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Roasts and ships on Tuesday, February 20th

Roasts and ships on Tuesday, February 20th

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About This Coffee
Kirura is one of thirteen washing stations that comprise Komothai, the largest cooperative society in Kiambu County. The region is a collage of historic colonial-era coffee land, single-farmer estates, and well-run cooperatives. Uniting the growers is the rich soil of Mt. Kenya, unremitting sunshine, and wildflower-lined roads that ultimately lead to nearby Nairobi. Under these conditions, the Kirura blushes with notes of stone and tropical fruits. Nuanced tartness, like that of a plump rosehip, makes this a lively cup that performs well any way it’s served: drip or over ice.
It’s no coincidence that wintertime is when citrus ripens. All year, sunlight has been converting tart fruits into segmented bite-size wonders. A Kenya coffee in winter is just like this—chromatic bursts of fruit-filled songs.
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  • Each bag of Kenya Kiambu Kirura whole beans is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting from our Oakland roastery.
  • A cupping spoon and a soapstone hippo are two things our Green Coffee Buyer, Charlie, takes with him when he's sourcing our coffees.
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