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Whole Bean Coffee

Bella Donovan

Red berries, milk chocolate, caramel

Available in Whole Bean or Perfectly Ground

Blend Box

Three of our most well-loved blends, made giftable

Available in Whole Bean

Bold Strides

Online Exclusive: A collection of low and hefty coffees

Available in Whole Bean

Giant Steps

Viscous, fudgy, substantial

Available in Whole Bean or Perfectly Ground

Hawaii Rusty's Estate Ka'u Typica

Sweet pepper, jasmine, blood orange

Available in Whole Bean

Three Africas

Fruity, radiant, creamy

Available in Whole Bean or Perfectly Ground

Support Local

Barista Apron + Coffee

Worn by our baristas

Available in Whole Bean

Bento Bag + Coffee

Holds a bag of coffee

Available in Whole Bean

Bud Vase + Coffee

A sweet companion to your morning coffee

Available in Whole Bean

Perfectly Ground Coffee

Guatemala Huehuetenango La Esperanza

Lemon, honey, nectarine

Available in Perfectly Ground

Voyager Pack

A tour of our favorite coffees

Available in Perfectly Ground


Blue Bottle KeepCup

Keeps your drinks warm and your fingers cozy

Blue Bottle Mug

For minimalistic mornings when simplicity is key

Blue Bottle Tenugui

Made in Japan

Coffee Carafe

The essential Blue Bottle carafe

Gift Sets

Beta Blend Coffee & Chocolate Pairing

Delicious times two

Available in Whole Bean

Perfectly Ground Dripper Set

Everything you need to make coffee like a pro

Brewing Equipment

Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

Original Blue Bottle design

Bonmac Ceramic Dripper

Blue Bottle icon breeds brewing good-will

Cafflano Klassic

Clever all-in-one travel coffee maker

Chemex 6-Cup

Same as it was in 1941, equal parts brilliance and utility

Timbuk2 Sabbatical Travel Kit

In it for the long haul; don’t forget your typewriter

Available in Whole Bean

Timbuk2 Weekender Travel Kit

Travel and have your coffee, too

Available in Whole Bean



Wear it proudly

Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

The definitive book on Blue Bottle

Dripper Tote

Loves Coffee Made by Hand

Ferry Tote

Loves Clock Towers and Boat Rides

High Line Tote

Loves afternoon coffee and city strolls

Modern Art Desserts

Unique and delicious pastries

Rainbow Latte T-Shirt

Sharp style, feel-good donation


Store subscription callout

Blue Bottle at Home

Great coffee, delivered directly to your door

Available in Whole Bean

Store gift callout

Gift Subscriptions

Great coffee, delivered directly to their door

Available in Whole Bean

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