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Fellow Stagg EKG Pour-Over Kettle
An overperformer in every way


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About This Item
Fellow designs kettles that make your morning ritual easier and more wondrous to behold. Their Stagg EKG Pour Over Kettle is an electric kettle ideal for a person who makes pour overs or French press and wants to get the most out of their machine: Twelve-hundred watts brings water up to the desired temperature quickly; a hold mode sustains temperature for up to an hour; and a built-in timer helps you brew the perfect cup of coffee—without the hassle of an additional timer or stopwatch.
Fellow Stagg EKG .9L Matte Black
High-grade stainless steel body
Precision pour spout
Ergonomic grip
Counterbalanced handle
Hi-res LCD screen
To-the-degree temperature control
Fahrenheit / Celsius option
Brew stopwatch
Not for use on stovetop
This Stagg EKG is 120v, which is only compatible with outlets in the US and Canada
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