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Espresso Bold Bundle
Two blends designed specifically for a bold espresso experience


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About This Item
Hayes Valley Espresso
Named after the San Francisco neighborhood that houses our first-ever brick-and-mortar location, Hayes Valley Espresso was designed with a chocolate-covered orange peel in mind. Our darkest blend, we love it for its brooding profile with minimal brightness (only a whisper of orange) and chocolate-laden bass notes. A shot of it is achingly heavy with a voluptuous red-brown crema. Whether consumed in one sip or sweetened with steamed milk, it’s a wonder to us even after all these years.
We love Hayes so much and find it so versatile that we serve this espresso in all of our cafes (except for one: hello, Mint Plaza) from California to D.C. to Hong Kong and South Korea.
Notes of baking chocolate, orange zest,and brown sugar.

Dose 20 g • Grouphead Temperature 201.5 F Extraction 28 – 38 sec • Yield 16 g

17 Ft Ceiling Espresso
We consider 17ft Ceiling our take on the classic Italian espresso blend. It’s a pleasant, consistent espresso—plump and complex, always enjoyable without being overly demanding. Our secret? In addition to using coffees from Latin America and East Africa, we sneak a bit of high-quality robusta into the formulation. It’s true to espresso’s roots, and just an accent of robusta adds backbone and depth.
17ft Ceiling is named for our Mint Plaza cafe in San Francisco. The grand space with soaring 17-foot ceilings spurred the creation of an espresso as traditionally balanced and inviting as the cafe itself.
Notes of caramel, almond, and dried cherry.

Dose 20 g • Grouphead Temperature 201.5 F Extraction 30 – 35 sec • Yield 20 g

Two 6 oz bags of whole-bean coffee
Roasts Tuesdays and Thursdays only
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