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El Salvador
Aida Batlle
Grand Reserve Peaberry

A Delicious Accident
For a brief moment this winter, we have nature’s most delicious accident—the peaberry—processed by a leading light of the coffee world.

Only a handful of diminutive peaberry can be found in every thousand coffee beans. Aida’s pickers sort them out by hand, because they know the resulting coffee will be well worth the effort. In the cup, the Grand Reserve is uncluttered, crystalline, and sweet—a single, searching beam of light.
Each year, Aida does a very special peaberry preparation from her three family farms: Kilimanjaro, Mauritania, and Los Alpes. It’s the ultimate precision selection from the ultimate farms, and ultimately very little coffee is produced. It’s so good, we consider it a gift to be able to offer it.
— Charlie Habegger, Green Coffee Buyer
El Salvador Aida Batlle Grand Reserve Peaberry
Raisin, allspice, chocolate syrup
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Roasts and ships on Tuesday, May 28th

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About This Coffee
This coffee from Aida Batlle, one of the world’s most renowned producers, never even goes to market. Instead, Aida sets it aside for roasters like us. Peaberry coffee often elicits admiration. The naturally occurring mutation, whereby one seed grows inside a coffee cherry instead of two, makes for a rounder bean that roasts more evenly than its oval-shaped brethren. For Aida to isolate all of the peaberry grown on her family’s three farms, her team hand sorts the anomalies out. As painstaking as this might seem, such precision is, for them, part and parcel of how Aida works.
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  • Each bag of El Salvador Aida Batlle Grand Reserve Peaberry whole beans is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting from our Oakland roastery.
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