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Decaf Set
A pair of expressive coffees without caffeine


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About This Item
Our Decaf Set brings together two very different looks into the world of decaf. Our Night Light Decaf blend has become a staple for decaf drinkers because of its comforting flavor. And now, we’re adding more range to our decaf offerings. Rarely do we see a single origin decaffeinated, due to the risk of losing the finer nuances of flavor through the process. But, call us fearless, because we’ve transformed this Ethiopian natural coffee into a decaf version that’s as bright and vibrant as any, thanks to the chemical-free Swiss Water Process.

These two coffees bring you a well-rounded taste of the coffee world—a cozy, rich blend juxtaposed with a radiant and fruity single origin. It’s a true decaf drinker’s delight.
Two 6 oz bags of the following whole-bean coffee: Night Light Decaf and Ethiopia Natural Decaf
Roasts and ships Tuesday and Thursdays
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