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Cultivar Set
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About This Item
The SL-28 cultivar, known for its high quality, has become a favorite of specialty coffee growers over the years. As it’s spread across the globe from its birthplace in Kenya, we’ve found different regions and producers showcase different dimensions of this complex cultivar while adding their own unique traits. Kenya Nyeri Kiawamururu upholds the radiant, herbaceous brightness we know and love from a classic Kenyan coffee, while Guatemala El Injerto SL-28, shows a sweeter, fuller side of this cultivar. Taste them side by side or enjoy them separately to experience all that goes into a single origin, from terroir to treatment.

Kenya Nyeri Kiawamururu
Notes of pomegranate, lemon zest, and thyme

Guatemala El Injerto SL-28
Notes of caramel, blackberry, and grapefruit
Set contains two 6 oz bags of whole-bean coffee
Roasts on Thursdays only
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