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Comforting Coffee Set
Ground Yourself with Three Handcrafted Blends
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About This Item
These three companionable blends warm us from the inside out, offering three distinct takes on the flavors we find most comforting this time of year. The limited-run Winter Blooms Blend is earthy and balanced. Bella Donovan, our take on the classic Moka-Java blend, is as enveloping as milk chocolate. And Hayes Valley Espresso, the darkest roasted in this selection, is full-bodied and bold. Try them side by side to compare, alone and black, or with a long pour of cream. An ideal and easy gift—for loved ones or yourself—for this time of year when we crave warming flavors and grounding routines.

Winter Blooms Blend
Limited-release seasonal blend with notes of milk chocolate, black cherry, and nutmeg

Bella Donovan
Organic blend with notes of raspberry, chocolate, and molasses

Hayes Valley Espresso
Organic blend with notes of baking chocolate, orange zest, and brown sugar

Three 6-ounce bags of whole-bean coffee
Roasts and ships Monday through Friday
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