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Chemex 6-Cup Filters
The best filters for your 6-Cup Chemex


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About This Item
The Chemex is more than a brewing method that creates gorgeously crystalline coffee—it’s a relationship requiring regular replenishment of Chemex filters. These filters are the very cornerstone of the Chemex brew process: A Chemex without them is like a car without a steering wheel. Or like a yo-yo without a string. At risk of running our simile supply into the ground, suffice it to say that these are thick and sturdy, and help produce a clean and exquisite cup.

Chemex filters are 30% thicker than supermarket coffee filters and are carefully constructed to fit the Chemex perfectly. Because they always tend to sell out quickly, we recommend buying two packs when you can so you never run out.

We also offer filters for your 3-cup Chemex.
Each box contains 100 Chemex pre-folded square coffee filters designed to fit your Chemex coffeemakers and other conical coffee makers. It fits all Chemex coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH, Funnex.
Manufactured using the bleach-free oxygen cleansing process, ensuring no chemical residue or taste is imparted to the filters
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