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Burundi Ngozi Bavyeyi Washing Station
Lemon verbena, tangerine, jasmine
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Roasts and ships on Tuesday, June 2nd

Roasts and ships on Tuesday, June 2nd

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About This Coffee
Radiant single origins from Burundi are a staple on our menu, and this one from the woman-owned Bavyeyi Cooperative is among the best we've cupped all year. Grown in the country's premier coffee region, Ngozi Province, it comes to us by way of our export partner JNP. Burundi native Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian founded the company to connect women farmers to the specialty coffee market. Bavyeyi’s producers, well versed in various processing methods, wet-processed their Bourbon coffee cherry into a sweet, aromatic cup. In the words of our green coffee specialist, "It’s like biting into a ripe apricot—just delicate enough to make you crave more.”
Region: Ngozi, Burundi
Processing: Washed
Cultivar: Bourbon
Elevation: 1,800 meters
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