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Single-Origin Coffee

One of East Africa’s Best Coffees

Burundi Kayanza Heza
Years after his first visit to the tiny country of Burundi, our Coffee Buyer, Charlie Habegger, still believes Heza is one of the best coffees in East Africa. From its candy-like sweetness to the social consciousness of its producers, its uncommon goodness rings true at every level.
Single-Origin Coffee
Burundi Kayanza Heza
Black cherry, honeysuckle, lemongrass
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Roasts and ships on Monday, February 27th

Roasts and ships on Monday, February 27th

About This Coffee

Each year, we cup many different samples from different days of picking and piece them together to make something that we think is the best of the best. Selected from a combination of four specific hills picked on four specific days, this single origin—picked on day seventeen of the harvest—represents the finest that Kayanza Province has to offer.

  • Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
  • Each bag of Burundi Kayanza Heza whole beans, is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting, from our Oakland roastery.
  • A cupping spoon and a soapstone hippo are two things our Green Coffee Buyer, Charlie, takes with him when he's sourcing our coffees.
  • Learn more about Perfectly Ground

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Heza Coffee Washing Station, Long Miles Coffee Project







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