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Blue Bottle x Kakimori & Buaisou Notebook
A custom indigo notebook made in Japan exclusively for Blue Bottle


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About This Item
We encourage drinking delicious coffee while using this notebook to jot down your daydreams. Its cream-colored, dotted-grid paper invites sketching of all kinds, images and ideas alike. We designed it in collaboration with Kakimori, a stationary store in Tokyo’s Kuramae district that makes original notebooks, pens, and inks. The district has been known since the Edo period as a center of craftsmanship.

Each notebook is handcrafted by Kakimori’s bookmakers. The indigo-dyed covers come from Buaisou, a farm founded in 2012 by Kenta Watanabe and Kakuo Kaji to revive the high art of indigo dyeing. The farm is in the Tokushima prefecture, an area known for its indigo production since the tenth century. Because of the hand-dyed nature of the covers, no two are identical and they will change over time.
1 spiral notebook (5 by 7 1/8 inches)
dotted-grid cream colored paper
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