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Blue Bottle Dripper with Blue Bottle Coffee Filters
Our signature dripper and 90 filters in one convenient set


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About This Item
White ceramic dripper
Dripper made in Japan by Kubota Minoru Ceramics Ltd.
Blue Bottle Coffee Filters

Filters are made of bamboo-based paper
Package includes 90 filters
Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper
There are many coffee drippers out there, but we knew we could do better. So we teamed up with scientists and engineers to create an entirely new dripper system that tells the coffee where and how to flow When paired with our proprietary filters, they create the most delicious pour over coffee imaginable.

Why Pour Over Coffee? Pour over coffee is reminiscent of coffee from a drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. Like driving a stick shift, pour over preparation puts you in control of your coffee—and you'll only get better with practice. The Blue Bottle Dipper's proprietary design ensures that your first cup will be delicious. Your one hundredth? Sublime.

Custom Filters Our custom filters were designed in conjunction with the Blue Bottle Dipper. The bamboo-based paper is so finely tuned that the filters require no prewetting and impart no papery aftertaste. We refined the pleats and the overall shape of the filters to work harmoniously with our dripper.
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