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Balmuda Kettle
Ergonomically designed for flawless, effortless pours


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About This Item
The Balmuda Kettle is our most effortless and lightweight electric kettle yet. With design based on ergonomic research, this electric kettle offers a pour that’s smooth, seamless, and precise. The graceful swan neck allows you to control the speed and exact position of your pour.

While your water heats, you are accompanied by a gentle glow from a light on the handle to bring ambiance and attention to your morning routine. With enough volume for two modestly-sized cups, the Balmuda Kettle is perfect for peaceful mornings alone or comforting mornings with a loved one.
The Balmuda is lightweight and easy to use, with a power source that provides rapid heating
Dimensions: W 10.6” × D 5.6” × H 7.6 in”
Capacity: 0.6 L (20 fl oz)
Power Supply: AC 120 V 60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 1200 W
Length of Power Cord: Approx. 2.5 ft
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