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Acaia Pearl Scale
Elegant, futuristic, and practical


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About This Item
A marriage of clean, modern design and brilliant functionality, this digital scale monitors the weight and time as you brew coffee. Its Bluetooth connectivity means you can sync the timer with your mobile device, and its USB port lets you recharge the scale easily. Next stop: the moon.
- Fast, 20 millisecond response time for instant readings
- Highly accurate, this scale is even sensitive to weight changes resulting from evaporation
- Industrial-grade stability
- Compatible with Acaia app for iPhone and Android
- Bluetooth 4.0 and USB Type-C connective
- Model AP007

Updates for 2021 model:
- Improved charging port and hardware
- Lithium battery has 30-40 hours of brewing time (if you brew one cup a day, that equals a few months in between charges)
- Optimized sunlight readability
- Real time flow-rate indicator
- Faster, more responsive weighing technology
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