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Acaia Pearl Model S Scale
For brewers who want next-level control


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About This Item
We use Acaia’s elegant and futuristic Pearl scale in all our cafes—it’s one of our secrets for brewing consistently delicious coffee every day. Acaia created an even more durable and user-friendly scale with the Model S, which displays the weight and time of your pour and also shows you the flow rate. A more consistently accurate flow rate usually means more delicious coffee. Think of the Model S as a world-class coffee coach who helps you refine your pour-over technique.

Brewers who want to go deeper can create or download custom brew recipes to the Acaia smartphone app and then upload them to the scale. The scale will then prompt you with how much coffee to add and when and how much water to pour so you can hit every coffee’s sweet spot. Go team.
- Fast, 20-millisecond response time for instant readings
- Highly accurate, this scale is even sensitive to weight changes resulting from evaporation
- Optimized display with adjustable brightness so you can read it outdoors
- Scale capacity up to 3 kg
- Industrial-grade stability
- Compatible with Acaia app for iPhone and Android
- Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connective
- Model PS002
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