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Wottuna Boltuma


Wottuna Boltuma is a cooperative of like-minded farmers growing coffee on their homesteads in low densities - less than 2,000 trees per hectare - and organically fertilizing their mixed heirloom varieties. There are certain perks to farming coffee in what is the likely birthplace of Arabica coffee, but perhaps the greatest is the ease with which it grows healthily here. Still, the collective effort of the cooperative's members goes beyond what the natural terroir provides to create one of the tastiest coffees in memory. The freshly handpicked coffee cherries are sorted before processing begins. The processing involves a pulping, a washing, and a dry fermentation. The beans are dried on raised beds, where they are continually stirred to ensure even hydrolysis. Delicate care that results in delicate flavors in your cup. This coffee excites with great flavors like lemon cake, cantaloupe, orange, ginger, and violet. expect a lovely performance across most brew methods.

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