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Santa Rosa

Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Perched high in the mountains of Santa Rosa de León Cortés, Costa Rica, is Beneficio Santa Rosa. Owned and managed by Efraín and Herberth Naranjo – father and son, respectively – the farm and mill are the quintessential boutique operation. Every tiny harvest is combed through for quality cherries at optimal maturity, free of blemishes and defects. After pulping and mechanically demucilaging the fruit, the parchment coffee is laid to dry on highly monitored raised beds. Efraín and Herberth do not produce a lot of coffee, but what they do produce is of the utmost quality. A cup of Santa Rosa reflects the care that the father-son team have taken, with a broad range of fruited characteristics and floral tendencies. Nectarine, watermelon and strawberry shortcake mingle with rosewater, maple, and mint chocolate.

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