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Rwanda Rulindo Bushoki


What makes the Bushoki a paragon among Rwanda’s outstanding coffees? The landscape for one. Located in the north of the country, the Rulindo district is among the most mountainous in Rwanda, home to its tallest mountain, Mount Kabuye. Nestled amidst rolling hills, the Bushoki Washing Station sits in a shallow valley rich in groundwater. The ample water allows the station to process its Bourbon fruit in the style of a Kenyan coffee, where the cherry undergoes extensive scrubbing and pulping. The finer things in life tend to improve with age, and the Bushoki is no exception. When young, it’s explosively aromatic. As it settles, it does what Rwandan coffees do best: finds balance amidst contradictions. Where creaminess meets brightness, and ripe fruits marry with savory herbs, the silky, citric, and brisk Bushoki is a cup for the ages.

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