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Pedregal De Cauca


from the Nevado de Huila region of the Colombian Andes comes a delicious coffee from the Asorcafe Producer's Association. the group is made up of farmers with 2-4 hectare plots, growing primarily a mix of the heralded Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties and processing their coffees on site. the coffee berries are manually depulped of their skin and washed of their mucilage after undergoing fermentation in small tanks, then laid to dry under cover of simple but effective solar dryers that work like small greenhouses. the group brings their coffees together for export in the town of Pedregal de Inza de Cauca. A sweet cup with lots of body, Pedregal de Cauca brings dark fruit flavors like currant and plum with brown sugar and a lingering, creamy finish.

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