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Papua New Guinea Kigabah Estate Peaberry

Kigabah Plantation

Kigabah Estate flourishes in Papua New Guinea’s vast Wahgi Valley, where a patchwork of crops stretch toward the distant mountains. Their peaks vanish into the clouds sailing slowly through the sky, and tropical plants, evergreen trees, and grassy thickets abound. Kigabah itself is as orderly as the valley is wild. Rows of old-growth coffee trees thrive in rich volcanic loam, and a colossal pulper and six stainless-steel fermentation tanks ensure consistent processing. The heirloom Typica from which this coffee comes is made even more special because it is entirely peaberry, that unique genetic mutation where one bean grows inside the fruit instead of two. The result is an exceptional portrait of a Papua New Guinea coffee—tropical and delicate, structured by the wondrous landscape in which it grew.

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