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The Tekangu Cooperative Society comprises a few famed washing station in the foothills of Mt. Kenya in the Nyeri District, and perhaps rising above all others is the beautiful coffee from the Ngunguru washing station led by the passionate, intense Charles Kanwitu, President of the society and contributing member of Ngunguru Farmers Cooperative. Despite it's worldwide recognition for quality, Tekangu is a small cooperative, with only 910 members, albeit growing. With its small size comes a focus on sustainable farming practices not always common in Kenya, including preservation of indigenous plant species and encouraging shade grown techniques. The area hosts a variety of wildlife, including snakes, deer, hares, weaverbirds and owls and hawks. Oh my! A cup of Ngunguru will not disappoint, opening with cherry and butter, progressing into a range of tropical fruits, and finishing with tart craisin sweetness.

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