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Los Eucaliptos

Huila, Colombia

With the support of his wife, Notalba Noriega, their two children, Rolando and Melissa, and his 12,000 coffee trees, Edier Cuellar Gutierrez grows exceptional coffee. The farm, Finca Los Eucaliptos, is located in El Triunfo de Tarqui in Huila, and has traditionally grown a mix of Caturra and Colombia varieties of coffee, though Edier has recently planted some Castillo variety to protect his farm against the onslaught of Coffee Leaf Rust, a disease that can wipe out a farm in short time. Edier is careful in his processing and drying, which shows in a sweet and balanced cup. Los Eucaliptos will delight with a lot of depth. Look forward to flavors of green apple, molasses, and vanilla.

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