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La Rosma

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Once the secret of astute tasters scouring Guatemala for the best coffees, San Pedro Necta in Huehuetenango is home to our latest offering, La Rosma. It's there, nestled in the Cuchumatanes mountains, that Dr. Fredy Morales cultivates a mix of Bourbon and Caturra variety coffee plants, as he has done for 20 years, under the protective shade of native Inga and Gravilea trees. Dr. Morales inherited the land from his father, Alejandro, and named the farm after his grandmother, Rosemarie. In those early days, La Rosma was accessible only by foot or by horse, making transit of goods to or from the area difficult. Fredy immediately set out to fix that, constructing a road fit for vehicles, easing the movement of coffee for him and his neighbors. He also secured a natural spring for the farm, and built decantation piles to recycle most of the water used in the coffee process. La Rosma invites further inspection in your cup with a potpourri fragrance, and some dark fruit flavors that hint at plum, cherry, and spiced apple cider.

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