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Kenya Nyeri Miiri

Nyeri, Kenya

Coffees from Kenya are beloved for their invigorating brightness and bell-like clarity—a result of volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and the country’s distinct processing style. Nyeri is the most famous of Kenya’s growing regions, and the little-known Miiri Washing Station is making a name for itself with this year’s harvest. Out of nearly 50 samples on the cupping table, we returned to this one again and again. <br>There’s no denying Romeo when he cries “Oh, I am Fortune’s Fool!” Finding the Nyeri Miiri at the public auction one random day proves that we are not fools, though we may be fortunate. Consider this coffee your winning lottery ticket cashed in—as definitive as your fiance’s “Yes,” as electrifying as Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

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