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Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry

Kirinyaga County, Central Province

Equal parts talent and luck, this Kenyan coffee hails from the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya, where conditions for coffee cultivation couldn’t be finer. Add to this one of coffee's best accidents—the diminutive peaberry—and you have a resounding cup. Many believe that the naturally occurring peaberry—where the coffee cherry produces one plump, round bean instead of two halves—doubles the flavor and sugar of the seed and is easier to roast. Year after year, Kirinyaga coffees are beloved for their ripe, fruit-forward profiles. This one, grown by smallholder farmers and processed at the Kirinyaga Factory, does not disappoint. Whether it’s the fine soil, the high elevation, or the influence of the otherworldly peaberry—this coffee sparkles. Imagine verdant kiwi, with its star-like glitter of black seeds, crossed with the tropical notes of lemongrass.

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