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Kenya Kiambu Kanake

Kiambu County

Hailing from the Kanake factory in the revered Kiambu district, this cup has milder fruit and softer acids than other Kenyans we encounter, likely due to lower growing elevations and warmer climes. The impeccable processing, which begins with sorting cherry for both ripeness and density and ends with a long post-ferment soak, ensures sublimely focused, clean flavors, and a musical softness on the palate. Rumor has it that earl grey tea was born out of the desire to mask the ruddy taste of well water at the house of the second Earl of Grey. A Chinese tea master whirred in some bergamot, and a solution greater than the initial problem was born. While the Kiambu Kanake is in need of no such sensory aid, it is also study in contradictions: the soaring zip of orange peel rises against the grounded earthiness of black tea.

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