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House of Good


How, exactly, did our House of Good espresso come about? Well, it turns out that specialty coffee is a more common diversion to burnt-out, recently retired musicians than one might presume. The project began when James Murphy, the former frontman of LCD Soundsystem and a certified espresso obsessive, read an article about the quest to perfect our elegant (and occasionally purchased!) Blue Bottle Pajamas. Murphy, who installs a zipper on every pair of boots he buys in order to save time putting them on, was intrigued. He reached out to James Freeman, our founder (and himself a disaffected professional clarinetist/coffee zealot), and the two began cupping coffees. One tasting led to another, then to another, then to some philosophizing, then to the development of the blend you now see before you. “House of Good,” named after a café and retail space James Murphy will soon open in Brooklyn, is a supremely balanced espresso. Its flavor profile – dried cherry, cocoa, meyer lemon – is a harmony between the voluptuous and the austere: It’s akin to the second movement of Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No. 3 – or, perhaps, to that buzzing, syncopated synth line from “Dance Yrself Clean.” Depends on which James you ask.

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