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Honduras Santa Elena Alfonzo Vásquez

Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras

In the Honduran village of Santa Elena, the Catracha Coffee Company partners with family-owned farms to provide monthly seminars on coffee production. In just a few harvests, the farmers have mastered pruning techniques and ripeness sorting. With limited land available, Catracha producers prioritize quality over quantity. And they’re onto something. We are now the exclusive buyer of eight unique producers in the community and are paying an average of 15% higher than ever before, all due to their superb craftsmanship. Something’s got us dizzy. Maybe it’s the vertiginous hills that were once volcanoes, or maybe it’s the distant ocean views: Pacific on one side, Caribbean on the other. Our bet though is on the ginger, clove and lime of this cup, a cocktail of sorts, tropical and spice all at once.

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