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Honduras Guaimaca Miravalle


Farming has been Don Miro’s life. After years on cotton plantations in Nicaragua and Guatemala, he returned to Honduras and purchased 80 hectares on a land preserve. Amidst a tapestry of fruit trees, vines, and flowers, he planted coffee, which has thrived among the forest ecology. Now, his son Mirko is managing the Miravalle farm, continuing his family’s stewardship. The chill in the mountain air produces dense seeds that withstand more heat in the roaster, making for an exceptionally expressive coffee. Orchids, with their aerial roots, make their home beneath the same canopy as Miravalle’s Catuai coffee trees. Their blooms are visible in the mist that feeds this cloud forest, while the coffee cherry delays its syrupy performance of orange blossom and white tea for the cup.

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