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Guatemala Coban Santa Isabel


For years, the Cobán region has been dismissed in the coffee world. Luis “Wicho” Valdes is one farmer changing everyone’s minds. Part conservationist and part pioneer, Wicho has figured out novel ways to dry Caturra cherry amidst nine months of rain and ninety percent humidity. In this rainforest climate, profiles tend to turn swampy. But, it seems that in facing such challenges, Wicho has met his muse. The result is a coffee intricate and beautiful, growing more delicious with time. The dense Caturra calls to mind a traipse through the cornfields of Iowa on a sultry afternoon. Your companion, just a few feet ahead, disappears into the overlay of leaves, silk, and stalks. Sound of footsteps become your best guide, and the promise of apricot, marjoram, and boysenberry, your reward.

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