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Guatemala Pueblo Nuevo Viñas Santa Ana

Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa

Santa Ana Estate is nestled in the densely forested hills surrounding Pueblo Nuevo Viñas just a two-hour drive from Guatemala City. For years, this family farm did well by growing a few Arabica cultivars and selling them in bulk. But when Fernando “Nando” Diaz took over, he had the bold vision to produce unique and traceable coffee while building close relationships with buyers. Nando planted diverse cultivars and began to process each microlot’s harvest separately. His beans now tell the story of the land they come from, making for a rich, earthy cup. With over twenty languages spoken in Guatemala, we like to think that there are just as many unique ways to describe the country’s coffees. How to describe the Santa Ana? Let’s begin: rich, nutty, nuanced…

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