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Guatemala Antigua Bella Vista

Beneficio Bella Vista, Antigua, Guatemala

To understand what makes this coffee special, it’s first necessary to understand Luis Pedro Zelaya, the man behind it. A fourth generation coffee farmer, Luis has spent years building his coffee resume – first as the director of the Antigua Coffee Growers Association, then as a trainer to other local farmers. These days, he helps advise producers on everything from soil health to pruning, while still finding time to produce some of the most delicious coffee Guatemala has to offer. The Bella Vista is a crisp and adventurous drip, with swirls of apricot, fig and vanilla. And though it sounds a bit paradoxical, we’ve found that drinking it yields the sort of simultaneous clarity and bright-eyed befuddlement normally experienced when preparing to jump into a crystalline swimming hole, unsure of how deep it really is. The payoff, though, is the same: taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and cannonballing right in.

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