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Guatemala Alta Verapaz Santa Isabel

San Cristobal Verapaz

Farmer Luis “Wicho” Valdés has been growing coffee in high-elevation rainforests ever since he was a boy. His farm, Santa Isabel, was granted to the Valdes family by the Guatemalan president in 1875. Now, Wicho and his father (also Luis) oversee the estate together. Located in lush Alta Verapaz, nine months of steady rain extend the harvest period well into May. To combat the pervasive humidity, the Valdes family has perfected their pruning techniques and drying methods. They do all this while reforesting more than half of their farm’s land with cypress and pine. If a cup of coffee can reflect the character of a farm, this one does. With sturdy rosemary, sassy cranberry, and ephemeral jasmine, you can almost see the Caturra trees thriving at such great heights in spite of the never-ending patter of rain.

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